Jon Stewart: Charleston "Is Like Confederate Epcot"

"It's the absolute least that can be done," said the 'Daily Show' host of South Carolina taking down the Civil War-era flag.
Jon Stewart during Monday's 'The Daily Show'

After his somber reflection last week on the Charleston church shooting, Jon Stewart returned with his usual vitriol on Monday's episode of The Daily Show.

The host slammed Fox News for claiming liberals were politicizing the shooting to push an anti-gun agenda, saying Fox News pundits do the same thing. He referred to this lack of self-awareness as "a full-blown case of Fox-abetes."

He also questioned why it has taken so long for South Carolina to remove the Confederate flag from the state Capitol. "The truth is, it's the absolute least that can be done," said Stewart of taking down the flag.

After playing a clip of a reporter saying it requires two-thirds of the state legislature to approve the removal of the flag, Stewart joked, "Two-thirds? No, that makes sense. You don't want to impulsively take down a 150-year-old symbol for an armed insurrection against the United States of America. Otherwise, it's mob rule."

Stewart pointed out that the flag is hardly the only tribute in Charleston to the Confederate Army.

"You can't spit your 'tobacky' in Charleston without hitting a public monument to the glorious days of slavery because, in the context of Charleston's extensive Confederate-porn industry, the flag is just the money shot," he said. "That town is like Confederate Epcot."

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