Jon Stewart Mocks CNN's "Cool as F—" 4/20 Coverage

The 'Daily Show' host may not be quite as knowledgable about pot culture as he claims.
A still of Jon Stewart from Monday's 'Daily Show.'

Jon Stewart is all about 4/20.

In honor of the pot-friendly day, the Daily Show host donned a rainbow wig and hippie sunglasses during Monday's episode to poke fun at CNN's story on marijuana usage. 

"Like I always say, CNN is cool as f—," he quipped as the news network's footage began.

However, as the story unfolded and it became clear that it was centered on the economy, Stewart's spirits appeared to crash. "This pot story isn't fun at all," he lamented as he dejectedly turned to his Ben & Jerry's.

Jessica Williams then chided him for not being up-to-date on pot culture, like the fact that people today vape rather than smoke. When Williams asked Stewart what he uses to vape, he responded, "I believe it's a Vic's — it's a vaporizer."

Stewart then took New Jersey governor Chris Christie to task for his plans to crack down on marijuana sales if elected president, given that Christie recently signed a bill that legalizes Internet gambling. 

Stewart also chose the episode to announce the date on which he'll be bidding the Comedy Central series farewell.

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