Jon Stewart's Hilarious Response to Presidential Debate (Video)

Jon Stewart Headshot - P 2012
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Jon Stewart Headshot - P 2012

The day after Barack Obama's widely panned presidential debate performance, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart took his turn to lampoon the president.

"How bad was the debate? Obama lost despite Mitt Romney doing this!" ranted Stewart on Thursday's installment of his Comedy Central talk-show while introducing footage of Mitt Romney threatening to cut funding for PBS.

"Motherf---ker fired Big Bird and won! Beloved children's character Big Bird. And the sad truth is Romney could have waterboarded Aladdin, put down Blue, deported Dora the Explorer, and still won walking away!" said Stewart, echoing MSNBC host Chris Matthews' "Where is Obama tonight?!" rant.

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"Romney won with the sound on, and Romney won with the sound off!" Stewart continued amidst a scene of Obama, eyes downward, writing while Romney, in offense mode, goes on the attack.

"Dude, he's yelling at you! Look up! Look up! What are you looking at? What are you writing that's so important?!"

Watch Stewart's debate reaction in this clip, where he also skewers moderator Jim Lehrer (and a memorable scene from The Titanic).

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