Jon Stewart Declares Pizza Truce With Chicago (Video)

Jon Stewart The Daily Show - P 2013
Comedy Central

Last week, Jon Stewart slammed Chicago's deep-dish pizza, going on an epic rant on last Wednesday's The Daily Show about the Windy City's signature pie.

"This is not pizza," he said. "This is tomato soup in a bread bowl. This is an above ground marinara swimming pool for rats. Let me tell you something about your f---ing not pizza -- I want to know that when I get drunk and pass out on my pizza that I'm not going to drown."

Stewart also referred to Chicago-style pizza as "a f---ing casserole."

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In the wake of those comments, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel sent the show a deep-dish pizza, which The Daily Show suggested a dog wouldn't eat and Chicago fans and Windy City TV anchors have since lashed out at Stewart for his dis.

"Apparently, Chicago has television," Stewart said on Wednesday night's show before playing a super-cut of local anchors upset about Stewart's comments and defending their pizza.

Stewart admitted that he may have overreacted but he said that's just due to how special pizza is to New Yorkers, playing a pre-taped video about New York pizza's magical qualities.

Yes, according to The Daily Show, New York pizza can make a wheelchair-bound man walk, physically transport someone home, help people get healthcare and turn a man into a beautiful woman.

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It also has famous fans like Matthew Broderick and Steve Buscemi, who defended the Big Apple's pie.

The Ferris Bueller star said, "I love Chicago. You might remember I once led a parade there, but when it comes to pizza, no one beats New York."

He later added, "Chicago, we're sorry for implying that your pizza is inedible. It's edible."

And to people who don't believe in magic, Buscemi said, "Maybe that's not magic's problem? Maybe that's your f---ing problem."

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Stewart concluded his "Strife of Pie" segment by making amends. He brought out Marc Malnati, who runs Lou Malnati's Pizzeria in Chicago and sampled a slice of Chicago-style pie.

After pretending it was so heavy he couldn't lift his plate onto his desk, Stewart took a bite and noted "it's very tasty."

In fact, he declared a truce, apologizing for his comments.

But that doesn't mean he's a fan of every version of pizza, reserving one final put-down for Hollywood.

"At least, let's face facts, we're not California," Stewart said. "I mean California pizza, that is shit. I say this with all due respect to California, that is a pile of shit."