Jon Stewart Defends White House Visits: Obama Wanted to Know Why I'm "Such an Asshole"

Daily Show White House Meetings Still - H 2015

Jon Stewart is coming clean about what really took place during his White House meetings.

On Wednesday's The Daily Show, the host showed footage of media outlets commenting on his supposedly "secret" sit-downs with President Barack Obama.

"That sounds so much more awesome than what happened," said Stewart. He then joked: "It wasn't that big a deal — I was brought in through the secret White House entrance at Mount Rushmore."

He mocked the notion that the meetings were kept secret, pointing out that the records of his visits were public and that he walked into the White House through the general entrance. "Something is not a secret just because you don't know about it," he continued.

"This is what happened: We spent about five to seven minutes with Obama kind of scolding me not to turn young Americans cynical, and then I spent 5 to 7 minutes explaining to him I'm actually skeptically idealistic," said Stewart, pointing out that they also discussed such issues as's technical issues.

He revealed that the two ate salmon while they talked: "Remember my interview with Obama last week? It was that, but with salmon."

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Stewart said that the discussion basically boiled down to him being asked, "Jon, why are you such an asshole?" which, Stewart claimed, is what happens at most sit-downs when he is summoned to speak with someone powerful.

The Daily Show host also discussed the fact that Fox News President Roger Ailes asked to secretly meet with him back in 2010. Stewart then claimed to have footage of his meeting with Ailes, but it was actually a scene from 1957's The Seventh Seal, in which a character is visited by the Grim Reaper.

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