Jon Stewart Sings Trump 'Grease' Cover, Says Run "Like Eating Ice Cream on a Roller Coaster Made of Blow Jobs"

Jon Stewart Donald Trump H 2015
Comedy Central/Screenshot

Jon Stewart Donald Trump H 2015

Jon Stewart apologized on Thursday night for devoting so much airtime to Donald Trump's presidential run, but "watching thing this man run for president, it's like eating ice cream on a roller coaster made of blow jobs! It is so much fun!"

"I want to watch him all the time," he later said of Trump. "I feel so dirty. ... Donald Trump is the candidate version of the hot dog crust pizza: you don't want it, you never ordered it, you can't believe someone came up with it, but now it's all you want to eat!"

Before closing the segment with a Grease cover that he called "Summer Trumpin' " in honor of the months extensive coverage of all things Trump, Stewart tried his best to zoom in on other political topics, such as another Republican candidate that's been relatively neglected by the media: Ohio governor John Kasich.

"Holy shit, that is the base model generic white guy — I don't know where his hands end and the lawnmower begins," he joked. "He's like a picture hanging up in a hotel room: you don't notice it. It's only really there because, how weird would it be if there were no pictures hanging on the wall?"

On the Democratic side, Stewart also devoted some punch lines to Jim Webb, Bernie Sanders and Lincoln Chafee, saying of the latter, "It's like a white noise machine is running for president."

Watch the video below.