Jon Stewart Rejoices at Donald Trump Presidential Campaign: "There's a Crazy Person Running"

Daily Show Trump Announcement Still - H 2015

Jon Stewart has never been happier. 

On Tuesday's Daily Show, the host took genuine glee in covering Donald Trump's announcement that he is running for president. 

Stewart began the segment by reporting on Hillary Clinton's Saturday campaign launch rally. Stewart pointed out that he was saving the Trump news for the end of the bit, explaining that "we have to have something nutritional before dessert."

When he felt that Clinton's speech was dragging, Stewart quipped, "Pick up the pace — there's a crazy person running for president."

Finally, it was time to talk Trump. Stewart, who has butted heads with Trump in the past, suggested there was absurdity in the real estate mogul running, saying, "Apparently, Huckabee-Santorum wasn't far-fetched enough."

"The world right now: Whites are black, Trump's running for president — does gravity still work?" Stewart continued, referring to the recent controversy surrounding Rachel Dolezal.

Stewart delighted in the fact that Trump took an escalator ride to the stage for his speech, with the Daily Show host referring to the mode of transport as "Stair Force One."

He pointed out that Trump was disparaging the people of Mexico in his speech. "You're a bunch of drug dealers and rapists — no disrespect," Stewart said as Trump. 

Stewart then referred to Trump as "America's id" before adding, "Thank you, Donald Trump, for making my last six weeks, my best six weeks. He is putting me in some kind of comedy hospice." Stewart's final episode as host of the show airs Aug. 6, with successor Trevor Noah making his debut Sept. 28.