Jon Stewart on Donald Trump Success: People Love "Spectacular Manmade Disasters"

Daily Show Trump Still - H 2015

Jon Stewart just can't stop fixating on Donald Trump.

The Daily Show host began Wednesday's episode by admitting that his show has skipped over discussing some major issues because he keeps discussing Trump's presidential campaign. 

"His campaign has captured America's inability to turn away from spectacular manmade disasters," Stewart said of Trump. 

Stewart admitted that he wasn't entirely proud of taking so many trips to the Trump well. "Much like incessant masturbation, eventually you feel a deep sense of shame," he said. "Not enough to stop you from doing it entirely, but enough to slow you down a bit."

He then changed topics to discuss the Iran nuclear arrangement, taking Sen. Lindsey Graham to task for criticizing the deal without having actually read it.

"You didn't even read the deal?" Stewart asked, baffled. "Basically, you're treating this critical international accord like some kind of bizarro iTunes user agreement."

Stewart also poked fun at pundits who think the deal will lead Iran to developing nuclear weapons in 10 to 15 years.

"Ten to 15 years?" he said. "With the way the world's going, f—. A nuclear Iran's going to be the least of our problems in 10 to 15 years. Iranian nukes will be a break from swimming through our climate change-flooded cities fighting Ebola zombies with our team because we can't hold guns, thanks to our iPhone-shaped hand tumors."

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