'The Daily Show' Mocks Hillary Clinton's Immigration Speech for "Pandering to Latinos" (Video)

Besides, the real Latino candidate in the race is Jeb Bush, or "El Jebe," who "started his outreach program in 1974 — he literally married into the demographic."
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'The Daily

Reaching out to Hispanic voters, Hillary Clinton has called for a path for illegal immigrants' full and equal citizenship — and Jon Stewart is taking note.

"So, I said it — am I president now or what? Are we done here, people?" Stewart joked on Wednesday night's show. Al Madrigal then chimed in that it's "a solid opening offer — not a bad start, even if her historic immigration speech was delivered in what is clearly the adult circulation room of a public library. I guess she figured, 'Hey, if this is a good enough place for homeless guys to masturbate in, it's good enough for pandering to Latinos.'

"It just feels like we've been down this road before," he continued, pointing to President Obama's previous comments on the matter. "And what did we actually get? More deportations than ever before. What I'm saying, Democrats shouldn't expect to get Latino support just because they say all the right things."

And though candidates Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are on the Republican side, "there's a lot more to being Latino than just being Latino, ... mainly because they're Cuban, and really, a small — and I gotta be honest — a snooty subset. They're like the WASPs of the Latino world. You can't expect the bulk of us non-Cuban Latinos to go crazy for two Cuban guys who threw away a path to citizenship for a path to the White House."

So who is the leading Latino in the race? According to Madrigal, none other than Jeb Bush, or "El Jebe," who is "a candidate for president who speaks fluent Spanish and has a Mexican wife who raised Mexican children and regularly eats Mexican food — and this man is a Republican."

He continued, "Most candidates are scrambling to go after Latinos now, but Jeb Bush started his outreach program in 1974. He literally married into the demographic. His wife, Columba Bush, represents us all, Jon, and Jeb knows it. ... Now, all he has to do is come up to the table with a meaningful path to citizenship and he might the one we've all been waiting for!"

Watch the video below.

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