Jon Stewart and Larry Wilmore Mock '19 Kids' Scandal: "I Love Those Duggars" (Video)

Wilmore is a little out of the loop, praising the TLC show for promoting "togetherness and good, old-fashioned values."
A still from Tuesday's 'Daily Show.'

Jon Stewart has some bad news for Larry Wilmore.

The two Comedy Central stars chatted at the end of Tuesday's Daily Show, with Wilmore telling Stewart how he spent his week off from hosting The Nightly Show.

"I just kind of disconnected and caught up with my favorite TV show, 19 Kids and Counting,' " Wilmore claimed. "Man, I love those Duggars, man. They're so good."

Stewart winced, referring to the recent scandal surrounding Josh Duggar, 27, admitting to child molestation. "I have some bad news," Stewart said.

However, Wilmore kept going on about his love for the TLC reality series. "It was just so nice to watch a show about a family with togetherness and good, old-fashioned values," he continued. "I hope nothing happens that makes me recontextualize their closeness and isolation to something dangerous."

Finally, Stewart decided not to burst Wilmore's bubble. "You know what?" Stewart said. "Just enjoy your favorite show."

The segment can be seen below. 

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