Jon Stewart Misses 'The Daily Show,' Says Directing Is 'Exciting but Weird as Hell' (Video)

Jon Stewart Headshot - P 2013
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Jon Stewart Headshot - P 2013

Jon Stewart, currently on hiatus from The Daily Show while he directs his first movie, made an appearance on last night's show via Skype.

Substitute host John Oliver has been joking about Stewart's whereabouts since he took over on June 10. After Oliver offered tonight's explanation (Stewart's searching for treasure based on a map he found on the back of the Constitution, much like Nicolas Cage's character does with the Declaration of Independence in National Treasure), Stewart could be heard saying "That's not right" before he was shown on a split screen of him and Oliver.

Stewart, Skyping in from the Middle East, now has a beard.

"I didn't grow it," Stewart said. "When you get off the plane in the Middle East, they give it to you like the Hawaiians give you a lei."

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Stewart and Oliver then continued to joke about his whereabouts with Stewart insisting he was NOT "hanging out in an underground bunker with [NSA leaker] Edward Snowden."

Oliver and Stewart also mentioned how much they missed each other -- and the show, in Stewart's case.

"I miss you guys like crazy cakes," Stewart said. "I love you guys. I can't wait to see you. This has been exciting and invigorating, but weird as hell. And I just wanted to check in and tell you I was thinking about you guys and you're doing great."

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"You're doing a phenomenal job," he added. "I don't watch it all the time because it's too weird. It's like watching someone have sex with your wife's desk."

Oliver said they haven't changed much except that they now play softball against Stewart's beloved Mets on Mondays and Bruce Springsteen (his favorite musician) performs on Tuesdays.

After hearing about this, Stewart began to wail, "I wanna come home!"

Watch the full video below.