Jon Stewart Mocks Deflategate Suspension: Tom Brady Is "Muscle Jesus" Who "Wins Again" (Video)

Stewart doesn't think Brady will be bothered one bit by getting held out for the first four games of the NFL season.
A still from Tuesday's 'Daily Show.'

Try as he might, Jon Stewart just can't hurt Tom Brady

Following Stewart's tirade last week against the New England Patriots quarterback, the Daily Show host addressed the four-game suspension that the NFL has leveraged against Brady for playing with deflated footballs in the AFC title game. 

On Tuesday's episode, Stewart expressed his shock that the punishment wasn't harsher and pointed out that Brady could theoretically be spending the four weeks of his suspension on the beach with his loving family and photogenic wife, Gisele

"He wins again!" Stewart shouted, looking at a photo of a shirtless Brady on the beach. "He always wins!"

Stewart then suggested that Brady be punished with manual labor, although he acknowledged that even that would lead to the star athlete's abs getting cut "like diamonds."

"Now he just looks like 'Muscle Jesus,' " Stewart said of a mock-up photo of Brady after the supposed hard labor.

Video of the segment can be seen below.

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