Jon Stewart Mocks Donald Trump-Rahm Emanuel Skyscraper Feud (Video)

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Jon Stewart is inserting himself into the skyscraper-sized fight underway between Rahm Emanuel and Donald Trump.

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The Chicago mayor has been bemoaning an "architecturally tasteless" sign spelling out "T-R-U-M-P" on the side of the billionaire's skyscraper in the city. Trump of has been firing back — which led Stewart to ask  "why?" on Tuesday's The Daily Show.

"Do you have to answer everybody? How much time is there in a day?" Stewart asked. " Is there no slight small enough for you to just f—ing let it go?”

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Trump has also had words with Pulitzer Prize-winner Blair Kamin, a Chicago Tribune architecture critic who has disparaged the tower. Despite his accomplishments, Trump has referred to the architect as third-rate and suggested he had been fired from his job. (Kamin is actually taking time off to work as a Nieman Fellow at Harvard.)

Stewart had an explanation for why the Pulitzer and Harvard do not impress Trump: "The only name that impresses Donald Trump ... is his own name!"

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