Jon Stewart: NY Governor Should Focus on Escaped Killers Instead of Teasing CNN-Anchor Brother

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Jon Stewart knows that jabs between siblings can be a priority even when there are other pressing matters at hand.

On Tuesday's Daily Show, the host played footage of New York governor Andrew Cuomo's recent appearance on an episode of CNN's New Day, where he was discussing the state's two escaped murderers. Stewart took note of the fact that Andrew used part of the segment to tease his younger brother Chris Cuomo, who co-anchors the show.

"You're surely saying to yourselves, 'Jon, the elected chief executive of America's fourth-most populous state is not going to take time during an interview about escaped murderers to give his brother shit,' " Stewart said. "Well, you clearly don't know older brothers."

Stewart then played a clip from New Day in which Andrew jokingly asked Chris' co-star whether she knew of a journalist who could spend a year living in a prison for research, with the joke being that Andrew was hoping his brother would volunteer.

"Take a look at that face," Stewart said, pointing out Chris' stern reaction to Andrew's banter. "That is the face that stopped being amused by this shit around age six."

Stewart played another clip, in which Andrew asked Chris' co-hosts to tell him if Chris says anything negative off the air about him, which led to Chris again making a somber facial expression.

"You know you've gone too far when you've made a CNN anchor humiliated by what's happening on air," Stewart quipped.

Stewart then pointed out that Chris is presumably wishing that his brother would have an obvious vice, like former New York governor Eliot Spitzer, who resigned from office in 2008 amid a prostitution scandal. 

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