Jon Stewart "Debuts" His New Post-'Daily Show' Gig: 'Hatewatch' on C-SPAN (Video)

The late-night host got up on his desk in fury about the Senate failing to pass a sex-trafficking bill.

Jon Stewart has finalized his post-Daily Show plans — but they appear to be short-lived.

On Tuesday's show, the Comedy Central star mocked the Senate for not passing the bi-partisan sex-trafficking bill. He did so by announcing that he would be hosting a new C-SPAN2 show called Hatewatch With Jon Stewart.

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Stewart criticized Republicans' "f—ery" for adding an anti-abortion amendment to the bill, while he similarly skewered Democrats' "dumb-assery" for openly admitting that they hadn't initially read the full bill. 

In the segment, Stewart also took C-SPAN to task for what he perceived to be the hallmarks of its programming. As he received a phone call from a viewer, he explained: "Obviously, because this is C-SPAN, the caller will probably be an non-screened, unapologetic racist."

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Stewart got particularly heated as Sen. Mitch McConnell spoke about the Democrats kowtowing to special-interest groups. "The only reason the [anti-abortion] language is in there is because you're bowing down to right-wing special interests," Stewart exclaimed, getting on top of his desk. "Son of a bitch! Let me tell you something, turtle man!"

He then did his best to determine who prevailed in the issue. "It appears the failure of the sex-trafficking bill to pass the Senate would seal the victory for f—ery in this case, but we won't know for sure until the vote on the floor, accompanied by classical music to make you feel smart," Stewart continued.

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Finally, he ended the segment by quitting Hatewatch, using language similar to remarks he made when he recently announced his impending retirement from the Daily Show. "Hatewatch doesn't deserve a host who's even slightly nauseous," he quipped.

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