Jon Stewart Praises President Obama, Rips North Carolina for Gay Marriage Decisions (Video)

Jon Stewart Same Sex Marriage - H 2012
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Jon Stewart Same Sex Marriage - H 2012

Jon Stewart took a rare mea culpa on Wednesday night.

Just one night after ripping President Obama for what he called a politically calculated opposition to marriage equality, he switched gears and, with a wink and a joke, gave the president some praise for announcing on Wednesday that he now backed marriage rights for all.

Calling Obama's course-shift "exciting, positive news for equal rights for all citizens," Stewart kept smiling even as he changed courses and headed back to his more familiar, slyly critical tone, which was now directed at North Carolina.

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That state on Tuesday passed a strict amendment that not only re-affirmed its ban on gay marriage, but outlawed legal rights for civil unions and legal partnerships -- including for straight couples.

"That’s a step towards equality," Stewart joked, "since many opposite-sex couples will now enjoy the same lack of rights same-sex couples have always never had.”

Stewart is far from the only leading light of the entertainment industry to praise Obama for his announcement. With the president headed for a potentially $15 million fundraiser at the home of George Clooney, Hollywood has been hyper-aware of his recent statements, and celebrated his new support for marriage equality on Wednesday -- with tweets, and major cash.

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