Jon Stewart Baffled by CNN's Queen's Jubilee Coverage (Video)

The Comedy Central directs his sarcasm at journalists' excitement over Elizabeth II's much-hyped procession down the river Thames.
Comedy Central

With media coverage of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in overdrive, leave it to Jon Stewart to skewer the spectacle with hilariously edited footage of highly enthusiastic journalists narrating the procession of royal boats on the river Thames.

"So to what you and I appear to be tugboats and garbage barges festooned in paper mache drifting in celebration of a durable old lady's continued non-death, was to the trained journalist's eye, much much more," the host smirked on Monday's edition of The Daily Show.

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Stewart specifically targeted CNN's play-by-play of Sunday's much-televised event, cutting to clips of reporters making such statements as "an ORGY of excitement awaits us" and "I have NEVER seen as spectacle quite like this in my life!" For the latter declaration, he juxtaposed an image of an near-empty river.

Asked Stewart: "Is this somehow the British equivalent of a monster truck show?"

Watch the clip below.

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