Jon Stewart Blasts Rush Limbaugh Over Sandra Fluke Remarks (Video)

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New York's most outspoken activist for 9/11 responders, Stewart also hosts the most-watched late-night show on cable, with 2 million viewers an episode. He topped a 2009 Time magazine poll as "America's most trusted newscaster" (ahead of NBC's Brian Williams), but he's likely more proud of being "America's funniest voice of reason."

Jon Stewart took on Rush Limbaugh Monday night in a rant fueled by bafflement over the radio host's Sandra Fluke commentary.

"What is even going through Rush Limbaugh's fevered mind to get from 'young woman trying to get private institution to cover contraception' to 'prostitution, slut, having constant sexy-sex on my dime?" declared The Daily Show host, attempting to deconstruct the conservative radio host's reasoning.

Stewart continued: "He seems to believe that anyone using contraception is automatically having ... a TON OF SEX! And that contraception is something a woman has to pay for every time she has sex! And that the woman is nevertheless benefitting financially from all that dirty, contraceptive-fueled, dirty sex!"

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"Personally, I don't get too worked up about the things that Rush Limbaugh says.  He's -- and has been for many years -- a terrible person," he added. A photo of Limbaugh's face with the caption "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Gross" then appeared on the screen.

Meanwhile, the exodus of advertisers continues from the Rush Limbaugh Radio Show. They include AOL, Tax Resolutions, AllState, Sensa Weight Loss, Vitacost, Bare Escentuals and radio stations WBEC 96.9 FM in Pittsfield, Mass., and Hilo, Hawaiit's KPUA.

Last week, Limbaugh attacked Fluke, a Georgetown University student, as a "slut" and "prostitute" for advocating insurance coverage of contraceptives.

Watch Stewart's tirade below (warning: mildly NSFW due to graphic cartoon imagery):

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