Jon Stewart Mocks Senate for Patriot Act Expiration: "You're the One Chewing Your Own Dick"

Daily Show Dog Still - H 2015

The way Jon Stewart sees it, the Senate has been behaving like a poorly trained pooch.

On Monday's episode, the Daily Show host mocked the media's feverish reaction to the Patriot Act expiring.

"My god, the one thing that's been keeping us all alive since 9/11 — it's been the NSA bulk collection of our metadata," Stewart cracked.

He criticized the Senate for not getting to work sooner on passing a bill that would extend the law, given that politicians have been aware of the impending expiration date for years. 

"Like a dog wearing a cone, looking at you like, 'Can you believe they're making me wear this cone?' " Stewart said. "And you're thinking, 'You're the one chewing your own dick.' "

Stewart also didn't understand why so many politicians were determined to keep the Patriot Act, given that the U.S. has been hit by terrorist attacks since it was enacted. 

"It's like one of the Jurassic Park staff saying, 'We can't debate the finer points of our security system right now — we're dealing with our fourth consecutive dinosaur escape,' " he quipped.

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