Jon Stewart Shares Hope for Election on 'The Late Show': "The Finish Line For Me Is This Man Not Being President Anymore"

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart

Stephen Colbert on Friday's episode of The Late Show referred to the current news cycle as a "tsunami of a news day," noting that the U.S. has surpassed 9 million coronavirus infections and 90,000 daily cases. Meanwhile, the presidential election is just days away.

His guest Jon Stewart shared how he's feeling, too. "I’m not good. I’m terrified. I’m anxious. I’m lonely." Of the election and the pandemic, Stewart asked, "how much canned soup and ammunition can one man have, Stephen?"

Colbert assured him that he can feel better because at least the election is four days from now. Stewart referred to this uncertain time as a "marathon," though he’s unsure if this is the ending of the race or just the halfway point. "The finish line for me is this man not being president anymore and 1000 people not dying every day from a disease we don’t understand, still."

Looking ahead, Colbert said, "I know that we’ll know on Tuesday." But then he considered if we will actually know. "I don't even know if we’ll know," he said, more accurately.

"Did you ever imagine in your wildest dreams that this would be life?" Stewart asked. Amid the somber atmosphere, Colbert spilled that he is next going to be interviewing astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson about something entirely different to the election: astroids.