Jon Stewart Slams Critics of California Drought Solution: "Not Just Sticking a Drinking Straw up Somebody's Ass"

Daily Show California Drought Still - H 2015

Jon Stewart is a bit more open-minded than others when it comes to a potential solution to California's drought.

On Thursday's Daily Show, the host pointed out that conservation is not likely to be enough to help the state's water shortage. He then discussed a new system referred to as toilet-to-tap, which turns sewage into drinkable water.

"It's known as toilet-to-tap, but there are steps in between," said Stewart. "You're not just sticking a drinking straw up somebody's ass."

Stewart called the program a "godsend of a drought solution" but then played clips of people in the media reacting negatively to the concept. One of those people was Gayle King, who acknowledged the system's benefits but added, "The graphic in my mind of what I've seen in the toilet is scary."

The host couldn't let King's remark slide. "Gayle, what have you seen in the toilet?" he asked before adopting a deep, wistful voice: " 'The memory is seared in my mind. It was 1997 in a bathroom at a Reno Golden Corral. ... The horror!' "

Stewart pointed out that Californians perhaps would be more accepting of the new water-reusing technology if it were referred to by a name that was a bit vaguer.

Asked Stewart: "You think the Valley would have porn if porn were renamed 'Sad Romanians F— for Money'?"

Video is below.

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