Jon Stewart Slams Department of Justice for Jailing Potheads, Not Wall Street (Video)

Jon Stewart The Daily Show PR Image - P 2013
Martin Crook/Comedy Central

Jon Stewart The Daily Show PR Image - P 2013

Jon Stewart took the Department of Justice to task on Thursday's Daily Show for pursuing "unusually harsh punishments for individuals whose crimes don't really seem to merit them."

Individuals such as potheads and hackers, said Stewart, quipping: "Basically, if you can be played in a movie by Kevin Smith, the Feds would like a word with you." He then rolled footage of an excerpt from a PBS documentary where the narrator observed that there have been no arrests of senior Wall Street execs since the financial crisis five years ago.

"Why not? Why haven't you arrested any of those guys? None of them bought pot? And if they didn't buy pot, it's only because they blew all their money on cocaine," joked Stewart. "What are they, too big to jail?!"

Tell that to Amanda Bynes.