Jon Stewart Slams FIFA for 24 Years of Alleged Corruption: "Started a Jennifer Lawrence Ago"

The 'Daily Show' host got a chance to try on some of the past few decades' more outlandish fashions.
A still from Wednesday's 'Daily Show.'

Jon Stewart channeled his inner soccer announcer to call out FIFA for its alleged corruption, money-laundering and racketeering. 

On Wednesday's Daily Show, the host addressed the raid on the soccer organization's Zurich headquarters, in which a slew of officials were arrested. 

"Looks to me like they're going to jail for all the money they stooooole," Stewart said, shouting "stole" in the way that the sport's announcers intone the word "goal" after a scoring play. 

Stewart took the investigators to task for waiting so long to take action amid the alleged 24-year run of misdeeds. 

"This FIFA corruption started a Jennifer Lawrence ago?" Stewart asked in disbelief, referring to the Oscar-winning actress' age. He also donned a variety of headwear to mock long-gone fashions of the past 24 years.

Stewart pointed out that the alleged corruption was linked to the U.S., saying, "Americans may not watch soccer, but we will happily, nay, enthusiastically, launder its dirty money."

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