Jon Stewart Slams Sarah Palin's 'Today' Show Appearance (Video)

The "Daily Show" host took issue with the former GOP vice presidential nominee's guest hosting appearance Tuesday, calling foul on what she termed an "infiltration" of the media.
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Perhaps it's not surprising that Jon Stewart had harsh words for Sarah Palin's guest hosting spot on The Today Show. But instead of taking issue with what Palin said and did during her 8 a.m. Tuesday appearance, Stewart was more miffed by the way she portrayed her visit in the first place.

Palin tweeted before the show that she would be "infiltrating" what she calls the "lamestream media," which set Stewart on a rant about what he called the insincerity of her insurrection. When Matt Lauer asked Palin what she meant by it, Stewart cut to his own definition.

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“I think it means you’re cynically exploiting a manufactured notion of yourself as a crusader against a monolithic exclusionary activist liberal media, whilst actually enjoying a mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship with them — only to the detriment to the rest of the country," he said.

Later, after highlighting some of the more tepid segments of Palin's time on the show -- party planning with Tori Spelling, for example -- Stewart added to his accusation.

"You're pretending this whole appearance is some uncommonly ballsy way of sticking it to the lamestream media. It's just another place for you to tout your brand of homespun nonsense unchallenged," he said.

Stewart then ripped into Palin's economic logic, juxtaposing her accusation that President Obama has followed socialist policies with her statement that the economy was improving for "fat cats" on Wall Street. 

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