Jon Stewart Slams Wal-Mart for Pulling Confederate-Flag Items But Still Selling Guns "to Anybody"

Daily Show Confederate Flag Still - H 2015

Jon Stewart still can't wrap his head around why some Southerners continue to defend flying the Confederate flag.

On Wednesday's The Daily Show, the host seemed heartened that many people support getting rid of the emblem of the Confederacy. Stewart played a clip in which Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillon said that the company would stop selling products featuring the flag and admitted he was "surprised" that Wal-Marts carried the merchandise to begin with.

"I mean, look — I knew we sold cheap guns, really cheap," said Stewart, mimicking McMillon. "You know what I mean? To anybody ... [but] I didn't know you could get them with the stars-and-bars holster. That sends a very dangerous message."

Stewart then showed footage of Ben Jones, a former congressman from Georgia, defending the flag because it represents his family members who fought for the South.

"That's the whole point," said Stewart exasperatedly. "They fought for the South — against the United States because of slavery. That's the heritage you're defending."

"It would be like saying you support flying the Nazi flag because you're proud of their robust anti-smoking agenda, but that wasn't really their thing," continued Stewart. He then suggested that Southerners find a "flag that represents the aspects of their heritage that we can all celebrate," such as the "creation of barbecue."

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