Jon Stewart to Steve Carell: "I Never Thought You Were Talented"

Seeing a protege succeed can be baffling

Steve Carell is so good in Foxcatcher that it scares Jon Stewart.

On Wednesday's The Daily Show, Carrell returned to his old stomping grounds, where Stewart lavished him with praise over his role in the wrestling drama. Sufficed to say, it was incredibly endearing.

Stewart pretended that he didn't realize Carell was the star of the film, because his transformation as convicted murderer John du Pont was so complete.

"I go to see the movie Foxcatcher. It's a brilliant movie. It's a wonderful movie. The performance are incredible — you're not in it," he said. "I know you. You're not in this movie."

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Stewart (jokingly) said he watched the movie with Al Pacino, who declared after seeing it that he was quitting the business.

" 'I don't know who that guy is, but I'm quitting, because that guy is so act-y,' " Pacino said, according to Stewart. 

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Stewart went on to ask why Carell, the biggest Daily Show alum of them all, never told him he was so good.

"You were here for years, and I never thought you were talented," Stewart said. "Why didn't you say anything!?"

Stewart ended the interview with a prediction: "Oscar the statue, will open his arms and embrace Steve Carell."

Carell's tenure on the show lasted from 1999 until 2005, when he left to star in NBC's The Office.

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