Jon Stewart Talks Retirement Plans and George W. Bush During Audience Q&A

Jon Stewart Stock - H 2015
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, file)

Jon Stewart is ready for his close-up ahead of his Aug. 6 Daily Show exit. 

Comedy Central has released a video taken from an audience Q&A taped before The Daily Show, where the crowd peppered Stewart with questions about regrets and funniest bits. Among the highlights:

Which public figure gave him the most material?  

"Do you watch the program?" Stewart asked the audience member. "George W. Bush did not want to invade Iraq. And then I called him and said, 'Do a brother a solid.' "

Will he return to stand-up?

"That's how I started. And that's, I'm sure, how I will end," Stewart joked. "Eighty years old, standing on stage."

Funniest bit that was scrapped?

Stewart couldn't recall specifics for The Daily Show, but he did recall a time during his first two weeks with a talk show at Paramount that went awry. He and writer Dave Attell had an idea for a Hitler sketch, which the audience hated. 

"We will cancel you tonight if you don't pull that," Paramount executives told him. 

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