Jon Stewart Teases David O. Russell: Your Films Need a Killer Robot (Video)

The "American Hustle" director sat down with the "Daily Show" host, who also made fun of the filmmaker for looking like a man smuggling something out of Tijuana.
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David O. Russell, left, and Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart knows what he wants from the next David O. Russell film: a killer robot.

"They shouldn't by all standards be making money," Stewart said of Russell's recent hits, which include American Hustle. "You're not doing remakes. There are very few talking robots in your films who kill. By the way, that's my one note for American Hustle. I would like to see that."

In an interview airing on Wednesday on The Daily Show, Russell said he hasn't had much rest since directing Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle back to back.

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"I haven't slept much in two years," he said. "But I have found my voice when I came back four years ago and made a film called The Fighter."

He added of his dry spell before 2010's The Fighter: "I had a humbling eight years where I lost my way. I got divorced, my kid was bipolar, and I rediscovered my storytelling voice."

Stewart praised Russell's recent films, particularly the theme of people trying to reinvent themselves.

"You have great affection for the hustlers. Is that because you have empathy for that struggle?" Stewart asked, and Russell agreed.

Stewart also ribbed Russell about a set photo showing the director crammed in the back of a car during shooting, saying he looked like a man smuggling something out of Tijuana.

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American Hustle is nominated for 10 Oscars, including best director for Russell, and best original screenplay, which the director shares with Eric Warren Singer.

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