Jon Stewart Skewers Epic GOP Debates on 'The Daily Show' (Video)

The Comedy Central host joked the presidential hopefuls have run "out of things to talk about."
Courtesy of Comedy Central

Jon Stewart thinks the two Republican debates leading up to Tuesday's New Hampshire primary were overkill.

The weekend debates, which logged 3 1/2 hours in separate airings on ABC and NBC, drew solid ratings for the former network and a slew of buzzy moments for both. Still, Stewart was left exhausted.

"It's like the Republican primary's become a telethon for electoral dystrophy," Stewart said on Monday night's edition of The Daily Show. "The 14th and 15th debate, I mean they're out of things to talk about!"

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The ever-exasperated Comedy Central host was also up in arms over a question on ABC News' debate in which the hopefuls were asked what they'd be doing on Saturday night instead. (Everyone responded that they would watch sports on TV with the exception of Ron Paul, who said he would read an economic textbook.)

"I believe one of you," said Stewart.

Watch the clip below.

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