Jon Stewart: "Trevor Noah Will Earn Your Trust and Respect ... Or Not" (Video)

Jon Stewart Stock - H 2015
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, file)

Jon Stewart is standing up for his successor. 

On Monday's The Daily Show, Stewart addressed the controversy surrounding newly anointed host Trevor Noah, who found himself in hot water last week after some of his tweets were criticized and called anti-Semitic and misogynistic. 

"I can say this without hesitation: Trevor Noah will earn your trust and respect … or not," said Stewart. "Just as I earned your respect … or did not."

"I do hope you give him the opportunity to earn that trust and respect," he continued. "My experience with him is that he is an incredibly thoughtful and considerate and funny and smart individual. I think, you give him that time, and it's going to be well worth it. I'm excited for where he's going to take the thing."

Stewart joked that he, himself, finally will be able to record the show to watch it "after 17 f—ing years."

Comedy Central has stood by Noah amid the uproar, while Noah himself tweeted that his character shouldn't be judged solely on "a handful of jokes that didn't land."

The segment can be seen below.

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