Jonas Brothers Sneak Cameo as Party Boys in 'SNL' Sketch 'Judge Court'

On Saturday Night Live, host Emma Thompson played one of three judges in a daytime TV parody called "Judge Court."

Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon played the other two judges on the Judge Judy-like program about "the only courtroom with three judges" who "tied for last place in their law school class" and were best friends.

When two people came to court about a dog who bit someone, the judges gave the dog an all-expenses-paid dinner, and the owner and bite victim were sent to jail.

"What these ladies lack in understanding of the law, they make up for in catchphrases,” the narrator announced. "If you mumble, you’re going to jail," one said.

The evening’s musical guest, the Jonas Brothers, made a cameo in the sketch and played defendants who ruined a house during a party. The judges were smitten by the boy band. "You’re all our sons," they said. "God, you’re perfect. We’re all going to dinner."