Jonathan Taylor Thomas Turns 30

The former teen idol -- or JTT, as his adoring fans called him -- rose to fame on "Home Improvement."
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Can you believe Jonathan Taylor Thomas turned 30 on Thursday?

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If you grew up in a  certain generation, you remember the teen heartthrob on Home Improvement -- and later dominating the pages of every single teen magazine in existence. Of course, then he was mostly referred to by JTT by adoring young female fans.

Home Improvement, in which Thomas played Tim Allen's son, Randy, aired from 1991-1998. He also memorably voiced Simba in Disney's The Lion King, played Tom Sawyer in 1995's Tom and Huck and co-starred with Jessica Biel in 1998's I'll Be Home for Christmas.

He then focused on his education, attending Harvard in 2000 and later Columbia University.

He still appeared in smaller roles on shows like Ally McBeal, Veronica Mars and 8 Simple Rules.