Jordan Klepper Calls Out NRA Following Florida School Shooting

"With everything that's happening, how do you even sleep?" the late-night host asked the NRA in a video posted on the show's Twitter on Thursday.
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Following the tragic Florida school shooting that left 17 dead on Wednesday, late-night host Jordan Klepper took a moment to call out the National Rifle Association for the organization's silence on the event, which has many calling for gun control.

“We’re taking a well-deserved break this week, because sometimes the most productive thing you could do is take some time off. To think. To pray. But we’re not the only ones taking a breather. The NRA has also gone completely silent since yesterday for some, I don’t know, unknown reason,” Kleeper said in a video posted on The Opposition's Twitter feed on Thursday. 

The Comedy Central host, whose show is on hiatus this week, continued to mock the organization, explaining that its silence is ironic, being that members typically “love to talk” and “donate to some of our favorite members of Congress.” Onscreen, a scrolled list of politician names appeared with their total amount of donations to the NRA included. 

“And these guys love to talk, tweet, bait, aggressively attack and especially donate to some of our favorite members of Congress,” Klepper said. “Now I’m glad you’re taking a break. You work so hard. You do so much. I mean, honestly, how do you have time to sleep? I mean, seriously NRA, how do you sleep at night? How? With everything that’s happening, how do you even sleep?”

Prepping to return with The Opposition's weekly schedule, Klepper quipped that the NRA will make a grand return as well. “Our show returns on Tuesday and, you know, maybe the NRA will be back to tweeting that day too. You hear that, NRA? As far as I’m concerned, you guys are a bunch of, ‘See you next Tuesdays.”

The 19-year-old suspect involved in the shooting attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida is in custody, with investigators working to "dissect" what happened in the attack. The town’s sheriff confirmed that the suspect, a former student, was previously expelled for disciplinary reasons.