Jordan Klepper Highlights Woody Allen, Certain Media Takes on Harvey Weinstein

Allen warned against a "witch hunt" in the wake of the Weinstein scandal and conservative media outlets, in a summary from the Comedy Central host, are saying: "Blame the left and move on."
Courtesy of Comedy Central
Jordan Klepper

Jordan Klepper is happy Woody Allen has weighed in on the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault story.

The host of Comedy Central's The Opposition W/ Jordan Klepper took his late-night turn tackling the story that has engulfed Hollywood and the media for nearly two weeks when he addressed viewers from behind his news desk while in character during Monday night's series. On the 11:30 p.m. weeknight show, the comedian moonlights as an anti-mainstream freethinker, his persona also named Jordan Klepper.

Klepper, who was off the air last week, began his take by saying he is "disgusted" by the onslaught of revelations detailing Weinstein's alleged years of sexual assault against women — which now includes accounts from more than 40 accusers — and added that the "despicable" story has spurred a lot of "overdue" conversations. 

He then said, "It wasn't until yesterday that we finally heard from a true expert — Woody Allen."

Over the weekend, Allen joined the chorus of Hollywood stars and filmmakers when he weighed in about Weinstein. Allen, who has been accused of molesting his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow (an accusation he has repeatedly denied), was quickly criticized for his statement. In part, he had said it was "tragic" for the women involved but also "sad for Harvey that [his] life is so messed up," and cautioned against the allegations leading to a a "witch-hunt atmosphere, a Salem atmosphere" for men. Allen later clarified his "sad" comment, saying he thought "it was clear the meaning was because [Weinstein] is a sad, sick man."

Klepper quickly zoomed in on Allen's controversial warning against a Hollywood "witch hunt."

"First of all, a male witch is called a warlock. And secondly, I'm personally glad Woody Allen weighed in on the Harvey Weinstein scandal. it reminds us that inappropriate sexual conduct isn't just seen in Hollywood, but also in Manhattan," he said while displaying the poster for Allen's 1979 film.

Klepper said Weinstein deserves to face justice, but the Hollywood movie mogul has also presented an opportunity to discuss "totally unrelated political points." Referencing InfoWars, Fox News and Breitbart News — with the latter once again being run by Steve Bannon — Klepper summed up the Weinstein takeaway from the conservative and alternative media outlets: "The liberals did it."

Using news show clips, Klepper highlighted their takes against the "liberal elite" and Hollywood complicity. 

"Yes, yes!" Klepper exclaimed. "That's right! The number one takeaway from the Weinstein scandal is that sexual assault and abuse of power are liberal problems. And it didn't just start this week. Remember when we found out Roger Ailes was liberal? Or when multiple women revealed that Bill O'Reilly was liberal? Or when we learned, shockingly, that a tape existed when none other than President Trump bragged about being a liberal?"

He then added, "There is an important national conversation to be had about sexual abuse. And if we're going to move forward we are either going to address how to prevent this from happening anywhere, or we could do the really hard thing: blame the left and move on."

Late-night TV's handling of the Weinstein story has been analyzed over the last week. After Saturday Night Live skipped the scandal during last week's show, Michael Che appeared to be speaking for the NBC series when he said during this past weekend's Weekend Update that joking about sexual assault puts comedians in a "tough spot."