Jordan Klepper Launches #BlameKeppler Campaign After Facing Criticism From Alex Jones

Though Alex Jones is one strike away from facing a potential ban from YouTube for his controversial reporting, Jordan Klepper has another issue to hash out with the InfoWars host after Jones called out Klepper, or "Keppler" as Jones called him, as a “failed actor” and “classic psychopath.”  

“This Keppler guy. There are 10 shows we know of, Homeland, Keppler, who attack us five nights a week and who say things we never said,” Jones is shown saying in a soundbite played by Klepper during Tuesday night's installment of Comedy Central's The Opposition With Jordan Klepper. “Keppler is like the classic psychopath in school and he’s just lording and enjoying the lies. Keppler is a failed actor. So, he’s another dropping of Soros.”

“There’s a failed actor out there on Comedy Central who’s attacking Alex Jones and his name is...Jordan Keppler,” the late-night host said, reiterating Jones’ mispronunciation of his last name.

Continuing to poke fun at Jones’ apparent dislike for the late-night host, Klepper said, “Oh, he’s handsome for a soy-boy. I’ll give him that. You look at that guy and you see Armie Hammer without all the flashy muscles and the grandstanding jawbone, you know?” He added, “He’s got a forehead that goes all the way up. But don’t be fooled. This guy is bad news. He’s deep state.”

The late-night host proceeded to address Jones’ claim that he is merely a “failed actor,” asking and then answering why IMDb claims his profile does not exist: “Keppler is too smart. He scrubbed the database.”

Though Klepper explains that Jones “never lets a total lack of evidence stop him from reporting the truth,” he maintains that the reasoning behind Jones’ dislike is due to Klepper’s criticism of InfoWars.

“Here’s the crazy thing. Jones is upset, because this Jordan Keppler criticized InfoWars for reporting crisis actors were employed after the Parkland shooting, the same claims that got him his first YouTube strike. What’s even more wild, the same night this Keppler guy was attacking InfoWars, our show ... was very sincerely defending InfoWars for that same story,” Klepper explained. “This Keppler is a disgusting, deep-state mole.”

In another clip, Klepper shows Jones describing the late-night host as a “parasite that reads off a teleprompter,” a “wart-infested butt,” a “tumor in your MRI” and a "turd blossom." “Turd blossoms were actually the flowers at my first wedding,” the late-night host quipped.

“Opposers, don’t let the mainstream media and Keppler win,” Klepper said, proceeding to launch his own hashtag campaign dubbed #BlameKeppler. “Can’t pay off your student loans? Well, whose choice was it to major in musical poetry? Blame Keppler. … Get your YouTube channel shut down for violating their policy on hate speech, thus drastically reducing your vitamin supplement revenue stream? Blame Keppler!”

Klepper then asked for audience members to tweet Jones all of the things that “Jordan Keppler has ruined.” “If there’s not a shadowy figure on the horizon who you can blame all your problems on, then the problem is you. And that sounds like some crazy conspiracy theory,” he added.

Klepper is not the first late-night host to mock Jones’ outlandish reporting. The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert has become notorious for playing a mock-radio host, Tuck Buckford, who shares the same bizarre behavior as Jones. And Last Week Tonight's John Oliver also criticized Jones for pushing products onto his viewers.