Jordan Klepper Mocks Alt-Right in Comedy Central Show Preview

"We're going to be the alt-media that is anti-facts," the new late-night TV host has said of 'The Opposition.'
Courtesy of Comedy Central
Jordan Klepper

Jordan Klepper is embracing fake news and conspiracy theories in the first look at his new Comedy Central late-night show The Opposition with Jordan Klepper.

"The mainstream establishment has poisoned your mind," he opens in the Wednesday promo. "They say we should investigate Trump. I say: Impeach Hillary." He goes on to tackle global warming, says "China isn't real" and runs himself in a circle about "them" and "we" when describing the enemy.

Klepper, a former correspondent on the The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, gets his turn at the coveted time slot formerly occupied by Stephen Colbert, then Larry Wilmore, when The Opposition premieres Sept. 25 at 11:30 p.m. following The Daily Show. The Opposition will, according to Comedy Central, satirize the hyperbolic, conspiracy-laden noise machine that is the alternative-media landscape on both the right and left.

"The Opposition is the voice of the new America. It is the America that defines its own reality. It’s the America of paid protestors, Obama’s birth certificate and the certainty that CNN is fake news," reads the synopsis.

"The goal of [The Opposition] is for it to be a companion piece with The Daily Show, so we’re going to deal with politics and the news of the day, but also attack it from a different perspective and try to find some stories that aren’t being told," Klepper told The Hollywood Reporter. "We don’t want to be picking from the same news carcass, if you will."

He later summed up the show as "being the alt-media that is anti-facts."

Klepper will continue to work closely with Trevor Noah, who is an executive producer on the series.

Watch the promo below.