Jordan Klepper Previews March for Our Lives Rally With Student Activist-Heavy Episode

jordan klepper the opposition_Screengrab Gun Control - Screengrab - H 2018
Screengrab/The Opposition with Jordan Klepper

Jordan Klepper took his show, The Opposition, on the road on Thursday, taping and airing its episode from the living room of a Maryland-based high school student organizer on the front lines of the fight for gun control, just days ahead of the March for Our Lives rally in Washington, D.C. 

The rally on Saturday is expected to bring people, including high school students, from across the U.S. to the nation’s capital to demand gun control reform. A grassroots group of high school students in the nearby Rockville and Bethesda, Maryland areas have reached out to classmates, friends and neighbors to provide beds and couches for out-of-state kids. The Opposition filmed and aired from the home of one these teens, with activist students, parents and rally attendees in the audience.

The students, who founded what they call DC Teens Action, shared that over 250 kids have applied for housing for the march, and they have received support and donations to help pay for their guests.

Titled “The Opposition Chaperones Democracy: Kids Just Wanna Take Guns,” the episode also featured U.S. Senator Cory Booker, a staunch advocate for gun control, as a guest. Of the march, Booker said he strongly supported it. "Change has never in history come from Washington, it's come to Washington ... It was people that marched and demonstrated and brought change to Washington."

"I think what these guys are doing is leading by example. They're letting adults know you haven't been able to make change," he continued.

He in particular praised the student activists for showing "that the power in people is greater than the people in power" and encouraged everyone, young people and adults alike, to work together to create change. Looking to the future, Booker said, "the right side of history right now is finding the common ground and doing those things that will make America safer."

The episode also included a field piece in which correspondent Kobi Libii visited a Baltimore, Maryland high school to speak with student activists about gun violence in their local community. One of the students shared that no one was forcing them to go to the march, they were going because of "what’s happening in our communities."

Another said: "We need people who are willing to support us and ensure that our future is a priority for them. Because we need this. We need this March for Our Lives in order for people like you to understand that we matter. Our voices matter.”

Gun control was the theme of the night on Comedy Central, as fellow host Trevor Noah had five survivors from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting on The Daily Show

One of the students, Kai Koerber, explained to Noah why arming teachers makes him feel uncomfortable. "Me being a minority in the South and having a teacher have a gun, regardless of color, does not make me feel comfortable ... I don't think that lethal weapons should have a place in the school environment."

Another, Elijah Abraham, said he hopes more attention is given to "this multi-faceted issue" of gun control as a result of the march. "This is domestic terrorism, and this is a multi-leveled issue that requires different solutions," he said.