Jordan Klepper Teases His Post-‘Daily Show’ Late-Night Series

The 'Daily Show' correspondent will take over the 11:30 p.m. spot this fall.
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Jordan Klepper

Jordan Klepper is gearing up for his big debut.

The Daily Show correspondent may be leaving Comedy Central's flagship series to take over the coveted 11:30 p.m. slot once held by Stephen Colbert and most recently Larry Wilmore — but he'll still continue to work closely with Trevor Noah, as the Daily Show host is an executive producer on the yet-to-be-named series.

"The goal of [the new show] is for it to be a companion piece with The Daily Show, so we’re going to deal with politics and the news of the day, but also attack it from a different perspective and try to find some stories that aren’t being told," Klepper, an alum of Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade, tells The Hollywood Reporter. "It's literally coming on after The Daily Show, and so we don’t want to be picking from the same news carcass, if you will."

While Klepper acknowledges that some overlap between the two half-hours is inevitable, he hopes that his show will offer enough variation. "We want it to be something where if we are getting [a certain] take on The Daily Show, then when you come to me at 11:30, you’re going to get a different perspective on some of these things," he explains. "We’re going to work in tandem so that feels not only like two separate shows that live in a similar world."

As Klepper is preparing to transition to the role of full-time host, he has sought out advice from many of his Daily Show predecessors who have been through the same process, including Jon Stewart and Samantha Bee. He also reached out to the time slot's most recent occupant, Wilmore. "Larry is supportive and so kind and nice about it," says Klepper, who adds that he was a big fan of The Nightly Show and was "incredibly bummed" when it got canceled. "I wish I could be doing this show and Larry could be doing that show right alongside me in some kind of universe where they’re both happening at the same time."

Klepper, best known for his political field segments since joining the Daily Show in 2014, has an hourlong special on the gun control debate, Jordan Klepper Solves Guns, set to debut June 11 on Comedy Central. "What I was made brutally aware of on Election Night was that I'm definitely in my own echo chamber. Perhaps that makes me naive and perhaps that makes the show at times naive, but I think [the question is], can we break outside of it?" says Klepper, who wants to delve into hot topics like gun control on his show as well. "There’s half of America who aren’t reading the same news stories and who are looking at it from a different perspective, so I think there’s space there to explore."

As for now, Klepper is focused on building his team in preparation for the show's launch later this year. He quips, "It’s going to be on in the fall after the fall of Western democracy, which I think is going to be June, maybe."