Jordan Klepper Will Spoof Alt-Right Media With New Comedy Central Show

"I'm a Midwesterner," says the host of 'The Opposition.' "I would like to see my [character] as an Alex Jones meets Garrison Keillor."
Courtesy of Comedy Central
Jordan Klepper

Comedy Central's new Daily Show counterpart is starting to take shape. On Tuesday, the network announced a title, premiere date and premise for the new Jordan Klepper vehicle.

The Opposition With Jordan Klepper joins the Comedy Central lineup on Monday, Sept. 25. And, as the name implies, it will be satirizing both the left and the right during the presently divisive political climate. Paying closer homage to past time slot heir The Colbert Report than The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore, a release for the project described it as a response to the "hyperbolic, conspiracy-laden noise machine that is the alternative-media landscape."

Does that mean a spoof on Alex Jones and his decidedly alternative Infowars? For Klepper's larynx's sake, hopefully not. And he clarified as much later Tuesday morning during a Los Angeles meeting with TV critics — confirming he would be playing a character, not himself, "a know-nothing provocateur" that isn't exactly Alex Jones.

"Dear lord, do you want to see another full Alex Jones?" Klepper asked press. "I think we were inspired by those points of view. I'm a Midwesterner. I would like to see my [character] as an Alex Jones meets Garrison Keillor" (the genteel NPR alum being about as far from Jones as one could imagine).

The root of the The Opposition is in fact-deficient outlets Infowars, Breitbart and The Blaze. "This silent majority," said Jordan, paraphrasing Donald Trump, "was being fed bullshit by these alt-right sources [during the election]. This is where the bullshit gets tested in the kitchen and fed to the mainstream."

It's a big move for Klepper, who's been serving as a correspondent on The Daily Show since 2015, where he most notably chronicled Trump's road to the White House. On the campaign trail, Klepper says he and his crew were absurdly accused of being part of "the deep state," sent to Trump rallies by Hillary Clinton and the CIA.

"I watched this normalization happen," he added. "They weren't parroting the sounds of CNN or even midday Fox News. Their information was coming from Infowars and Breitbart and The Blaze." 

Daily Show host Trevor Noah will serve as an executive producer on The Opposition, alongside Klepper and Stuart Miller. Owen Parsons has been tapped as head writer.

Comedy Central is in need of a stable 11:30 p.m. show. Though The Daily Show saw ratings improvement during Noah's second year at the helm and there have been showings of confidence around weekly entries from Jim Jefferies and Anthony Atamanuik, the vacancy left by The Nightly Show's 2016 cancelation has not been filled. And Chris Hardwick recently announced he would wrap his own Comedy Central show, @midnight, next month.