Josh Hutcherson Hosting 'SNL': 4 Things to Watch For

A "Catching Fire" spoof is a given, but will "Saturday Night Live" tackle JFK or Batkid?
Bobby Moynihan, left, and Josh Hutcherson in an "SNL" promo

Saturday Night Live is catching Hunger Games fever this weekend, with Catching Fire star Josh Hutcherson making his hosting debut.

Last week, SNL had an easy target and obvious choice in the form of Toronto mayor Rob Ford. This week the show potentially could make some interesting moves. Here are a few possibilities:

JFK Assassination 50th Anniversary 

Can SNL successfully tackle this national tragedy? Seinfeld famously had "The Magic Loogie," while SNL has taken on the killing of John F. Kennedy before. For the 1983 20th anniversary of JFK's death, SNL did a sketch in which incredibly uninformed people weren't aware that the assassination had occurred. And during its first season, a man playing an audience member interrupted host Richard Pryor to say he had proof there were two assassins in Dallas. But the audience member was shot and killed before he could make his revelation. Could we see the return of Jon Hamm to play the president, even?

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Catching Fire

This one's a given. Saturday Night Live already tackled The Hunger Games when Jennifer Lawrence hosted in January, with Taran Killam playing Hutcherson's Peeta. Among other things, SNL mocked the not-so-hot chemistry between Katniss and Peeta, and also made fun of Peeta's big move – camouflaging himself like a tree. It wasn't among the best of its movie parodies. Remember Christoph Waltz's DJesus Uncrossed or the more recent Wes Anderson horror film? It's time for an A+ Hunger Games sketch.


Batkid saved San Francisco Nov. 15, too late for SNL to incorporate him into last week's show. Like most people, we can't get enough of Batkid – and though we have no idea what SNL could do with the young crime fighter, we'd be curious to see what they came up with.

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Back to the Future

Like Batkid, we don't really have much of a rationale here, other than that Hutcherson is small and scrappy-looking like Marty McFly. He'd probably look good in an orange vest and a denim jacket.

What are you dying to see on this week's SNL? Sound off in the comments!

Saturday Night Live airs at 11:30 p.m. Saturdays on NBC.