Joy Behar's Last Day on 'The View': Famous Friends, Co-Hosts Say Goodbye (Video)

The host cracked jokes as stars like Joan Rivers, Regis Philbin and Barbara Walters shared their memories of working with her.
Joy Behar on today's episode of "The View"

Joan Rivers, Regis Philbin, Tony Bennett and Meredith Vieira were just a few of the famous friends who showed up to bid farewell to Joy Behar on her last episode of The View on Friday, which the show called "This Was Your Life on The View Joy Behar."

The episode also featured clips of Behar's 16 years on the show, videotaped messages from other famous friends like Debbie Reynolds and Steve Martin and remarks from her current co-hosts: Whoopi Goldberg, Sherri Shepherd and Barbara Walters.

There were a few jokes about the comedian's age, with "master of ceremonies" Mario Cantone saying if she stayed on for another year, she'd walk through the door with a walker, using a podium as a prop.

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But most of the guests and co-hosts just talked about their memories of working with Behar. Philbin even revealed how he's responsible for her being on the show.

Philbin had done a few shows with Behar and knew she was very funny. One night at the Starlight Room at New York's Waldorf-Astoria, Behar was performing, with Philbin and Walters in the audience. As the crowd was laughing, Walters asked who she was, Regis told her and she wrote Behar's name down on a notepad.

Walters confirmed that the story was true.

Rivers and Curb Your Enthusiasm's Susie Essman reminisced about doing stand-up with Behar, with Essman noting that Chris Rock was afraid to do certain material with Behar in the room.

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Behar, wearing all black, looked emotional at times during the show but didn't shed a tear and even joked freely throughout the episode, cracking that the first voice she was asked to guess in the This Is Your Life format was Anthony Weiner and saying at the beginning, after viewing a clip of The View's first episode, "I'm much older, but I look better. … The Extreme Makeover show is here."

She did admit, "It's really a lot of attention on me today, and I'm a little uncomfortable with that."

Shepherd thanked Behar for supporting her when people were disagreeing with her and for telling her, "As soon as you open your mouth, you lose half your audience."

At the end of the episode, the four View hosts returned to their table with Champagne glasses in front of them and Walters and Behar offered some final words.

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Walters said, "I love you Joy, and we are really going to miss you. You can have the last word."

Behar then thanked many people affiliated with the show, her family and her past and present co-hosts, saying, "I was born an only child, but now I know firsthand what sibling rivalry is all about."

And, Behar said something she's wanted to for 16 years, on Walters' behalf, "F--k Harry Reasoner," Walters' former co-anchor on the ABC Evening News who reportedly hated working with Walters.

Then Behar delivered the show's closing line, "Take a little time to enjoy the view," for the last time. Watch Behar's last words on the show below.