Julia Louis-Dreyfus Hocks Emmy in 'Breaking Bad' Spoof

Barely Legal Pawn - H 2014

Barely Legal Pawn - H 2014

With four Emmys (and 18 nominations) under her belt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus could probably afford to part with at least one of her statuettes. Such is the premise of the TV Academy's 2014 viral spoof to call attention to this year's primetime Emmy telecast.

Toting her 1996 win for Seinfeld — it is just supporting, after all — the Veep actress tries to make a deal with Breaking Bad stars and nominees Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. They're technically spoofing reality TV's noted affection for pawn shows, but references to their late AMC drama abound.

"Tinker Bell playing with a volleyball," asserts Paul, examining the statuette, before the pair deride the actress for working only in comedy. "You know what they say: Comedy is easy, drama is hard."

Breaking Bad fans will want to stick around through the very end, when a beloved catchphrase makes an appearance.