Julie Bowen Says 'Modern Family' Hasn't Killed Any Characters — "Yet"

Modern Family fans have feared for the futures of the ABC sitcom's band of relatives since creator Christopher Lloyd told Entertainment Weekly earlier this month that a "significant character" will die in the show's upcoming 10th season. But according to star Julie Bowen, every family member is safe so far — at least through the fifth episode.

"We're finishing episode 5 — maybe starting 6 — and we haven't killed anybody yet," the actress told Ralph Garman on Saturday at a live taping of The Ralph Report at the Improv in Hollywood. "It’s still just good, clean, semi-gay fun."

Bowen plays Claire Dunphy on the program, opposite her TV husband Ty Burrell, who plays Phil. But despite having been a series regular since the comedy first aired in 2009, she said her guess is as good as anyone else's as far as who may get the ax.

"It's me," she joked, before adding, "I have no idea who's dying. I have no idea!"

The actress also responded to reports that the 10th season will be Modern Family's last, which she confirmed to her knowledge, though she's not certain she's ready to say goodbye. If offered an opportunity to reprise her role as the Dunphy family matriarch, Bowen said she would take it.

"I was told it was [the final season]," she said. "We're all under contract. We're done. We finish up now. So if somebody bursts through the door with handfuls of cash and is like, ‘You’re going again!,' we'd all say yes, but so far it has not happened."

Modern Family is set for a two-hour premiere on Thursday, Sept. 27, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Listen to Garman's full interview with Bowen at patreon.com/theralphreport.