Julie Bowen's Twitter Becomes a Smack-Talking, Bieber-Hating Circus

Julie Bowen

"I read the Walt dying episode where Claire keeps smiling every time she tells somebody Walt is dead, and I thought, "That is so freaking funny, but there's no way I can do this."

If you hadn't known any better, it might have seemed like Julie Bowen was going on a real bender Wednesday.

The Modern Family star -- and avid runner -- guested on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday, where she chided the host for his less-than-intense walking workouts (Kimmel has a treadmill installed at his office desk, FYI). That led to Kimmel challenging her to a race around his studio, with the winner getting the privilege of taking over the other's Twitter feed the next day.

The race was a laugher, as Kimmel smoked his Emmy-winning competitor, earning him the (touchscreen) keys to Bowen's Twitter. The result was a seemingly drunken festival of co-star call-outs, gloating and a curious lack of basic geographic knowledge.