Watch Chris Pratt Try to Run in High Heels for First Time

His 'Jurassic World' co-star Bryce Dallas Howard has set the bar quite high.
A still from Wednesday's 'Late Late Show.'

Dinosaurs are no match for Chris Pratt, and apparently, neither is impractical footwear.

The actor appeared as a guest on Wednesday's Late Late Show accompanied by his Jurassic World co-stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Jake Johnson, and talk turned to Howard's stunning ability to run while wearing high heels in the film.

When host James Corden asked Pratt if he'd ever run in heels before, Pratt replied, "I've never found a pair big enough."

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Well, ask and you shall receive. Corden then pulled out a pair of red high-heeled shoes and challenged Pratt to get from one end of the stage to the other and back as quickly as he could. 

To see how well Pratt did, watch the video below.

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