'Justified' Cast and Creator Answer: Team Raylan or Team Boyd?

Justified S06E06 Still - H 2015
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Justified S06E06 Still - H 2015

For six seasons, FX's Justified has pit Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) and Boyd (Walton Goggins) against one another. And while the duo occasionally embraced the friendlier aspect of their twisted dynamic, the final season has been about Raylan's one last big get before he leaves Harlan and attempts to have his happily-ever-after: taking down  Boyd.

But with one episode remaining, whether Raylan is successful is still very much up in the air. Boyd is off trying to find Ava (who betrayed both men), and the penultimate hour ended with Raylan being derailed by officers. Although the two will cross paths in the series finale, there is no clearly obvious edge on which man (or if neither/both) will make it out of the encounter alive.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with the show's cast and creator about who they'd give the edge to. Who is Team Raylan and who is Team Boyd?

Graham Yost (creator)

I can say without any hesitation: I love both of these actors; they've done an incredible job, but Raylan is the hero. Boyd is charismatic, but he's the villain; he murders people. And sometimes I'd have to remind Walton of that because he loved playing Boyd so much. I'd have to say, "Walton, don't forget Boyd is the bad guy. He is a criminal, and he kills people who don't always deserve it."

The show has been about the battle for Raylan's soul. Boyd has gone back and forth. I don't think you can ever entirely trust what Boyd is saying, whereas I think you can trust what Raylan is saying. The reason I wanted to do this series right from the beginning was reading Elmore [Leonard]'s novella, Fire in the Hole, and reading how Raylan behaved in that world and thinking, "Oh, we have a shot of putting on television one of the coolest characters ever." And I'll be forever grateful Elmore created him.

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Goggins (Boyd)

[Boyd surviving] would be the best and the worst case scenario for someone like Boyd Crowder. He sees himself as a moral outlaw — he really sees himself that way, as a person, as a populist, as a person who stands up for working men, and the person who will take advantage of them simultaneously. But I think he seems himself as a person who must go out. He's not going to live to a ripe old age, despite every hope to the contrary. I don't know that Boyd Crowder would make an argument for [survival]. I think he would want a domestic situation with Ava. That would be his best case scenario, personally. But so much of what he wants runs in direct conflict with his actions. I don't know that's a possibility for him.

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Joelle Carter (Ava)

I'm Team Ava! (Laughs.) I have different loyalties, as a viewer, to both of them. Raylan is supposed to be the hero of the show. And Boyd is the villain, but you love him. I hope everyone's standing at the end.

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Jere Burns (Wynn Duffy)

I don't like either of them! (Laughs.) You can print that! I'm Team Duffy!

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Mary Steenburgen (Katherine)

I'm probably Team Boyd, just because my character is pretty bad to the bone. And while I think she would find both of them very attractive, she would have to go with her partner in crime, Boyd Crowder.

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Justified's series finale airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. on FX. Are you Team Raylan or Team Boyd? Sound off in the comments section below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for more Justifed coverage through the series finale.