Justin Bieber Almost Hurt During 'SNL' Rehearsal (Video)

Justin Bieber Billboard Music Awards - P 2013
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Justin Bieber Billboard Music Awards - P 2013

A new behind-the-scenes video reveals that Justin Bieber was almost hurt during his most recent appearance hosting SNL, while shooting a disastrous sketch that didn't make it to the live taping.

Plenty of sketches get cut from SNL before the show airs on NBC, but this one, which made it to the dress rehearsal, Bill Hader says was "the greatest train wreck ever."

The sketch, shown at the beginning of the video, was a country-music performance on the Steve Harvey show featuring Hader and Bieber as father-son musicians. Hader's comments, music and bizarre instruments were supposed to be funny but they all fell flat before an audience of teenage girls there to see the Biebs.

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At the beginning of the sketch, though, the pop star was almost hurt by a falling set piece.

After his character's introduced, one of the walls of the set almost falls on him.

Bieber looks legitimately scared and says, "that's not part of it," while Hader tries to play it off drawling, "Oh, stage almost fell on you, son; that would've sucked."

Explaining what happened behind the scenes, Hader says five guys ran over to grab the wall, and he then asks the stage manager if they're going to stop "because the set almost fell on our host," but evidently she said to keep going.

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Hader and the writers then point out how the sketch was a hit at the table read but didn't get the right reaction during the dress rehearsal.

At one point, Hader's character instructs the audience to do a call-and-response for "Preserve Social Security." The audience was supposed to remain silent but after Hader said "preserve," the obedient kids in the crowd actual said "Social Security."

To see the lost sketch and hear what really happened, check out the video below.