'SNL': Justin Bieber Gives Jason Sudeikis Fever in New Promo (Video)

Bieber SNL Promo - H 2013

Bieber SNL Promo - H 2013

First Kenan Thompson, now Jason Sudeikis? The Saturday Night Live cast seems to have a serious case of Bieber fever, if the latest promo plugging Justin Bieber’s upcoming host/musical guest episode is any indication.

Sudeikis is barely able to keep it together, he’s so excited to be in the presence of the teenage musician.

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“Tune in to find out which one of us has the craziest case of Beiber fever,” Sudeikis says.

“And if we find the cure,” Bieber adds.

“I’ll tell you right now: it’s me. And we won’t,” says Sudeikis.

The episode is preparing to broadcast as Winter Storm Nemo threatens to wreak havoc on the East Coast. SNL has said the show will go on, and Bieber apparently isn’t worried. He tweeted Friday:

SNL airs Saturday on NBC at 11:30 p.m. Watch the video below.