Justin Bieber Impresses ‘The View’ Ladies with Flowers, Segway Skills (Video)

Bieber dials up the charm for his Thursday appearance on “The View.”

The View hostesses may not be Justin Bieber’s typical fanbase, but even they were not immune to his charisma.

The teen sensation appeared on the Thursday, June 23 episode of the ABC talk show to promote his new female fragrance, Someday. While there, he serenaded the audience, chatted about Twitter and engaged in a Segway race with Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

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The 17-year-old even sent the hostesses a flower arrangement and handwritten note in thanks of their support. Not typical protocol for teen boys, let alone famous teen boys.

“Okay so I admit it – I gave in to the Bieber Fever… I was truly impressed with Justin.  Hasn’t let fame get to him,” Sherri Shepherd tweeted following his appearance.

“Justin: you are a class act. Thx for being so kind to all kids and fans!” Hasselbeck added.

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Whoopi Goldberg, not an avid Twitter user, sang her praises on air. “You are one of the most unique and wonderful young man I think I’ve ever met,” she told him. “Because of how you handled the fans, handled everything that’s going on. In my book, [you’re] number one.”

Bieber, an extremely avid Twitter user, gave Goldberg a shout out on the microblogging site. “@WhoopiGoldberg thank u for the kind words. USE YOUR TWITTER! #muchlove,”  he wrote.

Even Joy Behar succumbed to Bieber Fever, posting a photo with her arm around the singer and the caption: “Which one of us has better bangs?”

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See his appearance in the video below. Seems as though Bieber can turn anyone into Mrs. Robinson.