Justin Bieber, Jimmy Fallon Make Parody Perfume Commercial (Video)

Fallon wears a hairpiece to play an older version of the singer in a goofy ad for his new scent "Someday."

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Bieber made a parody ad for the singer's new perfume, Someday, which aired on Late Night last week.

In the vein of the first commercial, which sent tweens swooning, Bieber first whispers sweet nothings into the camera. "Someday, we'll be together," he says.

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Cue Fallon, who appears in a hairpiece and says, "Someday you'll look like this."

"What happened?" Bieber whispers.

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"You just got busy and your metabolism changed a bit" Fallon whispers back.

"I can eat like five slices of pizza and I don't gain an ounce," whispers Bieber back. Fallon replies, "Well enjoy it dude. Gotta take care of yourself. Get a trainer."

They then exchange a few "Somedays" including "Someday I'm gonna just shave my head bald… just kidding man, I'll never do that."

Bieber also recently appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman to read the Top Ten list.

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